Finally I could afford my dream TV – Kumar Vijayendra, Allahabad

I wanted to buy my favorite brand LED TV with advanced features but, was not in favor of buying new LED as it went out of my budget. Then I heard about LenDen through my friend, so I decided to give it a try, I created an account in LenDen, traced sellers through Maps, contacted the seller through […]

Filled my home with furniture at very reasonable cost – Nikhil Bhardwaj, Bangalore

I got married recently and we shifted to a new home in Delhi. My wife and I are working and we needed to a buy a few things for our new home, starting with furniture. But good furniture meant more expenses and we needed to invest in a more practical plan. So we decided to buy second hand […]

7.5 ways to save money this year

(1) BOOKS You may be a voracious reader or you may just like having a lot of options at home. Either way, buying books is almost a luxury that not all of us can afford at all times. But instead of spending money every time on buying new books, you can exchange your old books for new […]

Cluttered home due to furniture sell them on LenDen

Furniture is something that requires upgradation once in every few years and it can be a task to find new furniture that matches your home décor. And more so, it can be difficult to find the best way to get rid of the old ones. Here are a few questions that we all have when it comes […]

Best platform to sell your second hand jewellery – Vaijayanthi, Bangalore

I recently got married a few months back and there has been a complete change of lifestyle after my marriage. Since my college days I wore a lot of accessories so I had a huge collection, which now became useless to me since I wore more of gold and platinum jewellery. I had earrings and neck pieces and […]

Helped me save on my gym equipment – Vaishnavi, Bangalore

I am a house wife and I have a kid of about three years. I had been thinking of buying a treadmill to exercise at home for the past couple of months. But my husband said it was too costly and that I should just join the gym. With my son and the other responsibilities […]

Great platform to showcase my paintings and earn some money at the same time – Amrutha , Bangalore

I am an arts student and I paint in my spare time. Recently, I had been to an art exhibition where I met some artists who were of my age and they had displayed their paintings and other works of art in this exhibition. I also decided to make use of an opportunity like this […]

Having a shelf full of books is a dream come true…

Do you ever just think that when you get old you will be living in a house with a shelf, maybe two, full of good books? I’m a bookworm and I love the idea! The smell of the ink and paper in a library full of books appeals to me. But buying these books or […]

Five easiest things you can do today to Save Money

Usually saving for the future means a sacrifice in the here and now. However, there are easy ways to save that require virtually no effort at all. The trick is to watch for things in your everyday life that can be made easily more efficient or to watch for deals and promotions that already coincide […]

Best place to look for second hand items in your neighbourhood – Satyanarayan G, Mumbai

I got a new job and shifted to the City of Dreams – “Mumbai”three months back.I wanted to buy few necessary items for my house like Bed, Cupboard, Table and Chair, Washing machine and TV. Being a bachelor, I was not interested in buying brand new items. Unfamiliar to this city, I didn’t know from […]