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I love books and LenDen gave me new method of getting them – Namrata, Pune I am an engineer by profession and a huge book lover. In my free-time, I love reading all categories of Books. I always thought of the concept of exchanging or getting second hand books instead of buying new ones. I am so happy that LenDen App has such a great concept of exchanging old items […]

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Lenden helped us make our home baby friendly – Hari Rama Varma, Cochin 2014 has been an exciting year for our family with arrival of our son. Right after you learn that you have a baby, you get to know that babies need a lot of stuff! Since we wanted to buy new stuffs for our son, we quickly realized that there was ample amount of stuff that […]

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Safer and best online method to buy and exchange items locally! – Sagar N, Delhi

watch I got married few months back and shifted to new home. I desired to buy Furniture item – Sofa Set. But I didn’t want to buy new or invest my money in new Sofa Set. I just want a second hand sofa in a good condition. As my office schedule was very hectic, I didn’t […] By: Category: LenDen Stories

I bet you have done this in your childhood !!! I remember those days in school when we used to have this system of exchanging or as we call it bartering things. I had a thing for video games at the time and I would challenge my friends for a game. The winner gets a prize that had to be paid for by the one […]

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Children understand bartering easily then why can’t we? Before money, bartering was considered to be the medium for exchanging goods and services alike. But with the advent of money, this system has been discarded for other forms of currency because it is thought to be inefficient, albeit we still use it at times. As children we traded our Pokémon cards or game CD’s […] By: Category: why LenDen Tags: , , , , ,